Mushroom Nootropics: Should You Add this to Your Skincare Routine?

Why Nootropics for Skincare

Creating a sustainable, balanced skincare routine is a must to help maintain good skin. Creating a morning routine can help protect your skin for the day, for example using products to protect against pollution and UV damage. In the evening, a skincare routine can help remove impurities from the day, and can help relax you into your nighttime slumber.

But let’s look a little into how nootropics can be a great addition to your skincare routine through naturally supporting your sin and the skin barrier to help build and maintain healthy skin cells.

Nootropics are mind-boosting supplements that boost cognitive functions, such as attention, creativity, and motivation. These super-supplements provide certain long-term mental benefits, including improved memory and concentration.

Nootropics are composed of natural chemical compounds, such as ginseng and ginkgo, and some artificial ones, like the lab-synthesized piracetam. Both synthetic and natural nootropics can play a vital role in boosting blood flow, gut health, and immunity, supporting your overall well-being.

In addition to being nutritional supplements, they are also potent ingredients in the beauty business. Nootropic's cosmetic benefits include moisturizing, cleaning and soothing of the skin, and preventing premature aging.

In short, Nootropics are the go-to product for skincare enthusiasts who value their health and are not afraid to try new ways.

How Do Nootropics Improve the Skin?

Our skin requires protection from environmental stresses and internal influences that can affect its appearance. Many customers look for something that allows them to fulfill their skin's requirements and keep it in prime condition.

One such requirement is reduced stress. Lower stress levels are usually the first step towards the holistic approach to wellness, health, and appearance.

But what is the best way to reduce stress? Yes, you guessed it right, Nootropics!

After years of research, scientists have finally agreed on the basic definition and characteristics of nootropics. Based on these benchmarks, nootropics are substances that can:


This report by Innova Market Insights states that an average of 32% of their UK customers and 38 percent of the US clients reported experiencing stress at least once a day. Because of this, products that include nootropics are gaining attention. Additionally, market researchers point out how botanical ingredients are becoming more prominent in skin health-related product development.

Specifically, the usage of Ginkgo Biloba increased by 21% from 2014 until 2018, while hemp grew by 16 percent in the relevant launches. Aside from its stress-relieving effects, this ingredient also possesses impressive skin-boosting properties, which further caused a surge in its use and sales.

Fortunately, all our products are abundant in beneficial ingredients, including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, and Ginkgo Biloba, which renders our supplements ideal for skin care and other health conditions.

If you are still unsure about which nootropic would be the best for your skin, why not give our Revitalise CBD & Vitamin B5 moisturizer a try? This moisturizer's potent blend of CBD and B5 contributes to its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. This helps fight acne, eczema, and breakouts while simultaneously helping your skin absorb moisture and making it soft and supple.

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