Athlete Endorsements

Explore just a small number of endorsements from top-tier sports professionals, showcasing the cognitive support they trust and rely on for peak performance from The Ten Percent Club

Crystal Palace & England

Sam Johnstone

"Wow!! Unwind and Sleep capsules are amazing. The best sleep remedy I’ve ever used! I can’t be without them now, they are that good."

Aston Villa & Poland

Matty Cash

30 days of taking Unwind and Sleep Blend and i feel amazing and my sleep is flying!!


Brook Norton Cuffy

Great brand!!! Since I began taking the products i wake up with more energy, feeling a lot less tired every day

leeds united & england

Patrick Bamford

Three nights in, and its been brilliant. I have to say, the first night of taking them id not woken up that fresh in a long time! I didnt need to snooze the alarm


Kemar Roofe

My sleep performance has increased by 7%, and my restorative sleep (deep sleep) increased by 25% within one week of using the unwind and sleep blend

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Manchester United & England

Maya Le Tissier

The quality of my sleep has really improved, allowing me to perform at the highest level I can.


Jake Cooper

I have just purchased the unwind and sleep capsules again! For someone who struggles with sleep after games and training they have been amazing for me far. The demands and stress of football take their toll and I've really felt the benefit of the capsules so I just wanted to say thank you.


Jerry Yates

This is a top product!! I wasn’t using it at first, but when I did… wow what a noticeable difference. I used to get broken sleep, and now I sleep straight through!

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Crystal Palace & Wales

Elise Hughes

There’s nothing else on the market like this for sleep! I’ve been using the unwind and sleep after games to help with recovery and they are definitely working. Lots more dreams which always shows you’re in a much deeper sleep

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Barrow FC

Paul Farman

The best night sleep I’ve had and Not like other sleep remedy’s that make you groggy, I always wake up feeling fresh.The fact it’s authenticated by Informed Sport makes this the only sleep remedy for professional players.


Lewis Wing

Since taking this product not only has my sleep improved massively but also my performances on the pitch have to, and I can only put it down to how energised I am

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