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Tenpercent Club FAQ's

Are these supplements safe

Only buy from a company whose supplements are manufactured, tested and packed here in the UK. K. Like us!

Reputable companies will have an informative label on their supplements, which is both accurate and up to date. Bear in mind too that websites such as Amazon and eBay are great at deliveries but don’t claim to guarantee the quality or service of the supplements their merchants are selling.

Are these supplemtents lab tested

All of our products are tested at sourced and then tested again by an independent party to ensure the highest quality .

Where are Ten Per Cent Clubs supplements manufactured

All of our products are manufactured, packaged and shipped from the UK

Can I become an Affiliate

It has never been easier to become an affiliate for the ten per cent club. We check all affiliate enquiries carefully & those accepted will be rewarded with a number of benefits not only for the affiliate themselves, but also their customers. Contact us today to learn more.

What sets the Ten Percent Club apart?

Always check the % of polysaccharides in your products! Our capsules are 5000mg capsules, of which only 5% is polysaccharides. Check our competitors percentage!! We can assure you more than x4 of this!

But what are polysaccharides I hear you ask? Polysaccharides are just a ‘filler’ and usually a carb or sugar that is included within a capsule to ‘fill the capsule out' That’s right, you're capsule is never 100% lions mane, or Cordyceps etc… but always has some kind of blend. With the ten percent club You get more nootropic for your money!

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